Hi! I’m Jihad.

What does it mean for business and media to be “internet-native”? I’ve spent the last 5+ years exploring that question. That exploration led me to co-found a creator growth agency (acq.), work on democratizing investing, fund digital public goods, build an onchain media company, and write… a lot.

Today, I’m most interested in Luxury Media, a term I made up to describe a future of brands and publications where consumers don’t pay for content – they pay to support a worldview.

At Forefront, we’re building tools for creators and their audiences with this thesis in mind. At ntv, I’m working with startups and brands looking to embrace this thesis themselves.

2024 writing


I grew up in Ohio. I graduated from Northwestern University. I’m currently based in Chicago. This site is a home for all of my writing, rambling, collections, and interests.

Always down to chat through Telegram or email.


Need to finish this Muslim tech essay. Working title sounds scary. I promise it’s not scary.


The Frailest Thing
Islamic Ethics of Technology

Recent Writing

Essays, notes, letters, and ramblings.

Just do it.

Hands down, the number one thing I’ve learned this year is that energy and discipline are temporary.

On greener grass

With every decision in my life, I’ve asked myself, “what if?

Internet Craftsmen

While the “creator economy” was painted as an internet-native phenomenon, the people we’re talking about when we use the word “creator” are largely defined by their distribution rather than their work.

Why luxury?

Since publishing Luxury Media in June of last year, the most common pieces of criticism haven’t been directed at the ideas – they’ve been directed at the term itself.