July 20, 2023

Create every day

Consistency breeds taste. Taste breeds outcomes.

Visa says to “be prolific” and “do 100 things.”

Zach Progrob calls it “obsession.”

Stephan Ango says to “do a little bit every day.”

Anil Varanasi keeps a list of “outlandishly prolific people.”

Bach composed 20 pages of music per day. Picasso created 26,000+ works over his lifetime. Jonathan Mann has been producing a song a day for 15+ years. Tyler Cowen has been writing a blog post a day and a book a year for two decades.

Seth Godin has been blogging every day for years because it forces him to “commit to having a POV.” Being prolific forces you to take notice. Taking notice develops your taste.

The single most important thing you can do is to consistently create. The outcomes won’t be known to you until they arrive, but they will certainly arrive.

Create every day.