July 19, 2023

The Feed is the base layer of media

Luxury Media

The feed is the base layer of media.

Some of the most popular accounts on Twitter and Instagram are simply curated feeds with a very particular, demonstratable taste. That taste forms the brand, every day, with every post.

This is also related to Chase’s rule about the best (i.e. those with the most engagement) tweets being ones that are open to interpretation. Pictures and video clips fall into this category because they are vague, but often specific enough (in the context of a feed) that they can help shape a recognizable brand.

Twitter accounts are feeds, but so are newsletters, regular “drops” (e.g. MSCHF), YouTube channels, etc. The advice around maintaining a regular cadence for content on the internet is important not because of the cadence itself, but because brand development requires constant upkeep.

In Rafa’s words, “These feeds are in many ways ‘mindmelding’ — the team that consumes the same content diet finds a sort of harmony in language, references, and lore.”

In a Luxury Media brand, the base layer must be the feed. Everything is downstream of the feed. The feed acts as top-of-funnel audience capture, but also is the signaling device for the community. It is the beacon that calls the right type of person to the community, and thus must be constantly shining with new content.