June 23, 2024

On leading with my full self

I tend to compartmentalize different aspects of my life and personality. My college friends don’t often hear about what I’m most interested in at work. My work friends don’t get the details of my weekend. My family doesn’t hear my constant struggles with finding consistency in my practice and work.

When I do decide to open the gates and let the people and ideas from one part of my life into another, I’m generally very happy with the outcome. I feel more at ease in the conversation, releasing a tension I didn’t even know was there. The person I’m talking to also seems more at ease, and shows more interest in the conversation at-large.

The roadblock is embarrassment – I’m trying to uphold a specific image of myself in a particular setting, and I don’t want the details of other parts of my life to ruin my image. I’m embarrassed of being seen as my full self. But when I allow myself to lead with all of me, rather than presenting only parts, it makes a world of difference.

A reminder to always lead with my full self.