Statusmaxing vs. Curiositymaxing

Imagine a line representing the spectrum of ambition.
24 June, 2024

On leading with my full self

I tend to compartmentalize different aspects of my life and personality.
23 June, 2024

Curiosity, care, and unblocking creativity

There is an abundance of creators, but a dearth of people saying anything interesting.
22 June, 2024

On truth, Said, and McLuhan

“The intellectual eye of man is formed to see the light, not to make it.
23 April, 2024

Move with purpose

Since college, I’ve often straddled the line between optimist and ideologist.
20 April, 2024

On the album and holistic craft

I’ve always wanted to make an album.
19 April, 2024

Just do it.

Hands down, the number one thing I’ve learned this year is that energy and discipline are temporary.
18 April, 2024

On greener grass

With every decision in my life, I’ve asked myself, “what if?
27 March, 2024

Internet Craftsmen

While the “creator economy” was painted as an internet-native phenomenon, the people we’re talking about when we use the word “creator” are largely defined by their distribution rather than their work.
9 March, 2024

Recalibrating Our Attention

Lately, I’ve been reflecting more on Visa’s quote, “pay attention to what you want to see more of.
8 March, 2024

Why luxury?

Since publishing Luxury Media in June of last year, the most common pieces of criticism haven’t been directed at the ideas – they’ve been directed at the term itself.
11 February, 2024

Worldbuilding Media

PREDICTION: The lines between publisher, platform, and device will blur.
1 February, 2024

Godless Obsession

This is one of those essays where I can feel a thread that connects ideas I’ve seen in different parts of my life, but it hasn’t manifested itself yet.
To Instagram Infographic Posters,

Internet Speed and the Ethical Econ Bro

Greatness is Simple

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

Capital flows to the most legible ideas

In his essay “Individuals Matter,” Dan Luu makes a tangential argument that “projects which are more legible get more funding across organizations as well as within them.

Create every day

Consistency breeds taste. Taste breeds outcomes.
20 July, 2023

The Feed is the base layer of media

The feed is the base layer of media.
19 July, 2023

Ego on the Internet

There’s a Tyler, the Creator interview clip that’s been making the rounds again where he talks about artists and self-promotion:

Friends who go play ball

Some of my happiest moments came after making really big decisions.

Great Stuff I Read in 2022

I asked Fardeem for his favorite reads of the year, which of course means I had to reciprocate.

Nouns is a Tokenized Community

Nouns is a tokenized community.

Worldbuilding by Association

Everybody is worldbuilding. There is a vision of the world that you want to come to fruition, and you are working to make that a reality.
3 September, 2022

Man is a shepherd

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) is narrated to have said:
27 July, 2022

Tokenized communities enable bodies of work

Reggie James asks in his most recent essay: “How does a technologist begin to look at their body of work?
18 July, 2022

What makes tokenized commnuities valuable?

Tokenized communities are a fundamentally new type of organization. Sure, folks already have equity in startups they work for. Maybe they have decision-making power, too. But companies are optimizing for work. Employees, whether they’re technically “owners” or not, are labor. The unique, killer feature of tokenized communities is the rapid incubation and funding of community-led projects. Tokenized communities turn members into entrepreneurs, creating a network of projects, products, companies, and sub-communities that are working toward propagating a common meme or mission.

Tokenized Communities

Web3 has introduced a new type of organization: Tokenized Communities.